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MAKE ME CHOOSE » never-ever-be asked:
↳ Lydia and Allison or Lydia and Stiles

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glee character meme: one character

Prom queens live, on average, five years longer than regular people. Probably because they smile all the time." - Quinn Fabray

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I wish I was a flower they are pretty and don’t do anything

"Part of me always believed that you’d come back."
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make me choose - anonymous asked: tyler hoechlin or derek hale

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make me choose between two things
↳anonymous asked: once upon a time or reign

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make me choose
↳ ashtisdaley asked: lágrimas or ingenua

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MAKE ME CHOOSE » paullwalkers asked:
↳ Scott and Isaac or Stiles and Isaac

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My whole life, I’ve been looking to be a part of something special to feel special, but the truth is, I am special.

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