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Winchesters + plaid

You really don’t know anything about love, do you?

"A medida que pasa el tiempo he ido aprendiendo a desenvolverme en este difícil medio, a sentirme cada vez más segura de mis decisiones. Lo que sí conservo intactas son la ilusión y las ganas de hacer lo que me apasiona.” 

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anonymous asked: helena or rachel duncan?

Jensen Ackles at Nerd HQ 2014 [x]

Not all M O N S T E R S
             do monstrous things

My Favorite Things Meme | [5/10] Characters

"Look, I know I may not be a typical beauty. No one’s gonna pay me to walk the runway on fashion week. I’m not gonna cure cancer or write the great American novel. But if you give me a stage to sing on, I know in my gut that there’s no one that can beat me."

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